Mustafa Qadri: A Marxist Jihadi

Update: October 2015

The article below was written in April 2014.  Since then, Mustafa Qadri of Amnesty has further confirmed his nature as a Marxist Jihadi.

Moving on from Pakistan after the furore of his biased anti-MQM report, Qadri is now in Qatar, focusing on treatment of migrant workers.  This again fits in with the Marxist Jihadi agenda: namely, to collapse both Western economies and the “apostate” Gulf States.  Qadri is most comfortable attacking the West and the Gulf states (the only stable region in the entire Arab world), but will never criticise Jihadis or Marxists.

A prime example is the Jihadi attack by a 15-year old terrorist on a Police Station in Parramatta (Western Sydney) last week.  Qadri himself is from Western Sydney – as the article below shows, his father established the first Wahabi school in Sydney.  Yet Qadri did not make single comment on the terrorist attack in which a Sydney police employee was shot dead.  This staggerring omission, and there are many more like it, shows that Qadri is wise enough not to voice his support for Jihadism, yet will never confront it either.

However, when 2 self-proclaimed British Jihadist were killed by a UK drone strike last month, Qadri had a spasm.  He slammed the drone strike, claiming that this hurt him because the UK Government had not followed international law.  In fact, Qadri is only hurt because he is on #TeamJihad, and it cuts him deep inside to see any Jihadi being killed by what he considers to be the evil capitalist West.

The reason Qadri is not a full blown Jihadist is because he has grown up in Sydney, before the emergence of Jihadist ghettos.  Therefore, Qadri grew up in white, secular society, and enjoys the freedoms it provides (eg drinking alcohol), freedom of mixing between genders, etc.  However, through his father (founder of Sydney’s first Wahabi School), Qadri imbibed a deep hatred of Western society.


Qadri was delighted to see Australia thrashed at cricket, because of supposed racism he experienced at SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground)

Qadri was delighted to see Australia thrashed at cricket, because of supposed racism he experienced at SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground)

So therefore, Qadri’s way in life has been to associate with white Marxists, who share the ideal of collapsing Western economies and then building their utopian version of society out of the rubble.

Western Marxists are delighted by the immense influx of potential Jihadists into Western Europe because they perceive Jihadists as allies in their quest to bring armageddon to what they perceive as the evil Capitalist West.  For years, Mustafa Qadri was a campaigner against Australia’s policy to restrict potential Jihadis seeking asylum in Australia.

When Mustafa Qadri demonstrates his fanatic hatred for the GCC States, this is based on the Jihadi agenda to collapse these states and install an ISIS-style theocracy.  Qatar and UAE are the 2 countries in the Islamic world which Australians are most comfortable and safe living in as expats, due to their relatively liberal outlook, legalisation of alcohol, and embrace of Western education systems.  It is no coincidence that Qadri vehemently hates these 2 places.

To the white Marxists he associates with, Qadri comes across as one of them.  He pays lip service to the same human rights values of gender equality, LGBT rights, etc.  But this is a mere smokescreen, a charade.  Deep down, Qadri is obsessed with fulfilling the same mission his father began, when he founded the King Abdulaziz ([of Saudi Arabia] Wahabi School in Sydney, more than 40 years ago.

The civilised world, from Karachi’s Muhajir community to Sydney’s multicultural secular society based on a free market economy, is under threat from a Jihadi-Marxist coalition.  Mustafa Qadri himself is the fusion of these two global viruses: a Jihadi Marxist.

[end of October 2015 update, article from April 2014 is below]


Writing against Amnesty International is hard for me.  Amnesty is a great brand.  Its logo is recognisable worldwide as a symbol of freedom and human rights.  Amnesty used to be universally loved for its unflinching defence of political prisoners, and opposition to extreme forms of state injustice (unfair trials, torture, disappearances, extra-judicial killings, etc).  Sadly, Amnesty is today itself badly in need of a candle to find its way out of the darkness which it has been sleepwalking into for years already.  I already stopped supporting Amnesty when it began partnering with Al-Qaeda/ ISIS supporters such as CAGE, but it got even worse last week.

Amnesty drew enormous criticism for its strong support for Moazzam Beg (UK-Punjabi Al-Qaeda terrorist)

Amnesty drew enormous criticism for its strong support for Moazzam Beg

Amnesty published a report entitled “Attacks on Journalists in Pakistan” on April 30th 2014.  The report, written by a notorious Islamist MQM-hater, contained inaccurate and inflammatory comments regarding MQM.  Thousands of MQM supporters protested against Amnesty’s biased report last week.  What makes Amnesty’s bogus report even more shocking is that Amnesty is turning a blind eye to the abductions, torture and extrajudicial killings being suffered by MQM supporters over the last couple of months (over 70 bodies dumped with horrific torture marks).  It makes you wonder whether Amnesty has 2 blind eyes.

Thousands of MQM supporters protesting Amnesty's biased report

Thousands of MQM supporters protesting Amnesty’s biased report

For the benefit of foreign readers, MQM (Muttahida Quami Movement, or United People’s Movement) is Pakistan’s 4th biggest political party.  MQM draws its support almost entirely from the Urdu-speaking Muhajir community of Karachi/Hyderabad (Sindh), descendants of those who migrated from present-day India to Pakistan.  Accordingly, MQM won 17/20 Karachi seats and 2/5 Hyderabad seats in the 2013 National Elections, and none aside from these.  The Muhajir community enjoys near 100% literacy, stands resolutely against terrorism, and seeks provincial autonomy for the Urdu-speaking areas.

MQM Elected Politicians, including Farooq Sattar and Khawaja @IzharulHassan, protesting outside Amnesty's London HQ

MQM Elected Politicians, including Farooq Sattar and Khawaja @IzharulHassan, protesting outside Amnesty’s London HQ

Warning – Graphic video from last week, showing a dead MQM supporter, his body dumped with horrific torture marks.  These daily extrajudicial killings do not seem to merit Amnesty’s attention.

Who wrote the report?

On Qadri's teenage Sydney cricket bio, his nicknames are listed as "Bomber" and "Terrorist".

On Qadri’s teenage Sydney cricket bio, his nicknames are listed as “Bomber” and “Terrorist”.

Mustafa Qadri, Amnesty’s Pakistan director, is one of life’s perpetual “freelance journalists”.  Born in Sydney (Australia) in November 1978, son of a (Kashmir) Punjabi mother and an Islamist (Hyderabad) father, his background indicates sheer hatred for MQM inculcated in him since birth.  As Pakistan is a nation fractured along ethno-linguistic and sectarian lines, I would strongly suggest international organisations use non-Pakistani researchers for potentially divisive reports.  Otherwise you probably have no idea who is writing your reports and their intrinsic bias.  At the very least, screen your writers a bit better.

Qadri’s father, Dr. Syed Badar Qadri, was born in Hyderabad (India) and got his BA from Osmania University there.  He then left behind a safe and secular India, and migrated to Karachi in 1953 to join his fellow Muhajirs.  Dr Qadri received his medical training from Dow Medical College in Karachi, and eventually married a Punjabi lady.  Qadri got a job working as a medical officer on a British ship.  When it docked in Sydney in 1969, he decided to migrate there, brought his Punjabi wife over, and they settled and had 3 kids  (Dr. Usman Badar Qadri, Pasha Qadri, and Mustafa Qadri).

Dr. Syed Badar Qadri, and King AbdulAziz of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Syed Badar Qadri, and King AbdulAziz of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Qadri was an Islamist, and was the driving force behind the foundation of the  Islamic Association Western Suburbs Sydney (IAWSS) in 1980.  Today, virtually all of Australia’s dangerous Jihadi terrorists live in Sydney’s Western Suburbs.  The IAWSS built a school “King Abdul Aziz College”, named after the King of Saudi Arabia.  It is therefore seems highly likely that it was built with Saudi funds, and with “Islamic” teaching based on the Wahabi Saudi doctrine. Such schools have been exposed across the Western world for their underhand teaching of jihad ideology.

The school has since been renamed The Australian Islamic College of Sydney, and recently had its funding frozen by the Australian Government over serious financial irregularities, with millions of Aussie dollars unaccounted for.   In many such cases worldwide, disappeared monies from such organisations has often ended up funding terrorism in faraway lands.

Uthman Badar (Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia) threatened Australia with terrorist attack by Muslims

Dr. Uthman Badar (Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia) threatened Australia with terrorist attack by Muslims

Qadri’s mother is from north Punjab, today arguably the world epicentre of jihadi organisations.  The Punjabis form almost the entirety of Pakistan’s military officers.  Since moving the capital of Pakistan from Karachi (Muhajir) to Islamabad (Punjab), Muhajirs have been unofficially excluded from the civil service positions in which they were dominant in Pakistan’s early days.  Pakistan’s dominant Muhajir tycoons had their businesses nationalised, and one by one their businesses have been privatised for pennies and ended up in Punjabi hands.  MQM was founded partly in order to address the grievances of the Muhajir community which was being excluded from Federal Pakistan by the Punjabis, and from Karachi itself by the PPP-Bhutto group, representing Sindh (one of the most backward and deprived areas on earth).

With this background, it is no surprise that Mustafa Qadri has been brought up with a deep hatred for MQM.  His father was an Islamist who built a Wahabi Saudi school in Sydney and paved the way for Sydney Western Suburbs becoming a Jihadi hub:  MQM is totally opposed to Islamist terrorists, and calls openly for the total destruction of the Taliban. Qadri’s mother is a Punjabi, and she would have taught her half Muhajir half Punjabi son that the ethno-centric MQM (then called Muhajir Qaumi Movement) was his enemy.

Whilst playing cricket in Sydney as a teenager in 1997/8, Qadri’s nicknames included “Mus” (ie Mustafa), but also “Bomber” and “The Terrorist”.  It seems that Qadri was even jokingly known by his friends (in pre-9/11 days) as an Islamist.

Qadri's batting is even worse than his writing

“Bomber” Qadri’s batting seems even worse than his writing.

Rather than show gratitude to Australia for giving his mixed Muhajir/Punjabi parents a home, Qadri has only ever exhibited Islamist animosity towards Australia.  He has used his platform to condemn Australia for taking steps to prevent itself from being flooded by millions of immigrants fleeing torment in Islamic lands.  He even suggested Australia was complicit in Muslim massacres because of its tight border controls.  Qadri has called for the International Criminal Court to give a life sentence to John Howard (see no.7) , the democratically elected Prime Minister of Australia .  His favourite writer is Noam Chomsky.

There are many middle-class Islamists who may not seem like terrorists at face value, but underneath possess deep sympathy for the Islamist worldview.  Faisal Shahzad (Times Square bomber) and Imran “Taliban” Khan are prime examples of this. A typical feature of Islamist refugees in the West is a deep inner desire to collapse the states which have given them sanctuary.  This explains why Qadri’s first job was working for Aboriginal rights, and he stated that “An accurate history of the Aboriginal genocide in Australia” should be compulsory study for all Australian kids.  I’m aware that Australian Aborigines have suffered tremendously, but why would a 1/2 Punjabi/ 1/2 Hyderabadi settled in Sydney pre-occupy himself with that?

Many Punjabis have no problem with Muhajir genocide but care deeply about Israel

Many Punjabi Islamists have no problem with Muhajir genocide in Karachi but care deeply about Israel

This also explains why Qadri’s initial focus of attention as a journalist was not Australia, nor his native Pakistan, but Israel/Palestine – a place with which he has no ostensible connection beyond Islamism.  A long list of articles makes it clear that he has a fanatic Islamist hatred against the State of Israel and would dearly wish to see it destroyed.  Naturally, Qadri has also written articles firmly criticising the USA’s drone program in the terrorist controlled areas of Pakistan.  I went through a long sample of articles and could not find a single feeling of warmth or gladness that dangerous terrorists were being eliminated by the drones.  To me it is clear, any friend of terrorists is himself a terrorist.

On 7th July 2008, Qadri writes to defend Hamas, and even warns against moves to prevent Muslim Aid Australia from supporting Interpal, a banned Hamas terrorist fund.  On 25th July 2008, Australian anti-Terrorism security forces raided Muslim Aid Australia due to their support for banned terrorist organisations.  So Qadri is perfectly fine with supporting Hamas, which sends suicide bombers to blow up civilian buses, rains rockets on Israeli civilians, and brainwashes Arab children to seek the massacre of millions of Jews – but he really doesn’t like MQM which firmly and unequivocally seeks the destruction of the Taliban and all those who share its tactics and worldview.

Looking at Qadri’s freelance articles on the Guardian blog, literally every mention of MQM oozes hatred.  You can tell that when a Pakistani writer starts an article: “With his healthy plume of gravity-defying hair and chunky tinted glasses, Altaf Hussain is as colourful in appearance as his reputation suggests”, the article will not turn out well.  Qadri believes that MQM was effectively created by General Zia to “divide and rule” Sindh; rehashes all sorts of unsubstantiated stories of MQM tortures (but nothing on the 10-15,000 deaths of Muhajirs during 1992-4); and rubbished MQM’s warnings of the Talibanisation of Karachi due to massive Pashtun migration.

Mustafa Qadri went to Sydney University of Technology, a mediocre institution ranked 19 in Australia, where he got a  BA in Communication and Media Studies.  Qadri has written some freelance articles for the Guardian’s “Comment is Free” blog.  Aside from serving as the Middle East correspondent of “New Matilda” e-magazine, and a 1-year “consultancy” for Human Rights Watch, there seems to be no record of any fixed journalistic posting for Qadri.  It’s a pity Amnesty couldn’t find any better than this dross for its Pakistan Director.

What’s in the report, and what’s not?

Mustafa Qadri joins a long list of bogus anti-MQM propagandists.  They all write about how journalists criticising MQM get a bullet in the head, yet none of them exhibits the slightest fear of ever meeting such a fate from MQM.  Owen Bennett Jones, for example, started this anti-MQM piece with the suggestion that Pakistani TV channels couldn’t find anyone to play the role of Altaf Hussain (MQM Leader) in satirical political shows.  Is Bennett Jones an idiot or a crook?  It takes only 2 minutes to do a YouTube check and find many such examples.  None of these actors has been shot for making fun of Altaf Hussain.

Bennett Jones also mentions unnamed British politicians of Pakistani origin who also claim that their life would be in danger if they went to Karachi.  Is there any basis for this garbage beyond the assertions of Bennett Jones, Jemima Khan, and other such assorted MQM haters?  Can they furnish a list of politicians (UK or otherwise) slain or injured by MQM?  Benazir Bhutto’s brother Murtaza openly challenged her leadership and was assassinated by 50 Sindhi-PPP Police outside his own house, yet these writers wish to portray MQM as a bloodthirsty group.

Pakistan has been amongst the deadliest countries for journalists in the world for years.  If MQM was so dangerous for journalists in Pakistan, there would be a long list of slain or injured journalists to name.  Instead, Mustafa Qadri can only mention the name of Wali Babar, a Pashtun journalist killed by unknown persons in Karachi in January 2011.  That was more than 3 years ago.  Whilst Wali Babar had written many articles against Pashtun Taliban in Karachi and Pashtun land grabbing mafia, he had not written anything against MQM.  The accusation that MQM would seek to kill a relatively obscure  journalist who had never written a single article about MQM is quite frankly ridiculous.

Qadri’s Islamist and half Punjabi-half Muhajir background explains his ridiculous statements such as “No political party in Karachi is more feared by journalists than the MQM” .  I would urge him to start investigating endemic PPP corruption and see how quickly the Karachi (Sindhi PPP) Police starts making life very difficult for him.  Or how about an article on corruption within Karachi (Sindhi-PPP) Police, including partnerships with bootleggers and illegal gambling dens?  I would be interested to see how far Qadri would get with that.

When MQM-Haters forced repolling in cetain constituencies under Army supervision, MQM won with even bigger mandate

When MQM-Haters forced repolling in cetain constituencies under Army supervision, MQM won with even bigger mandate

Even though Karachi Muhajirs are virtually excluded from Karachi security forces, Qadri will have us believe MQM rigs the elections in which it wins Karachi’s overwhelming mandate.  This is again ridiculous – when the Pakistan Army was present at repolling in certain constituencies, MQM won with an even bigger mandate!

Wali Khan was involved in reporting on the Pashtun (ie Taliban) influx into Karachi, land grabbing by Sindhi and Pashtun gangs, turf wars, drug running, and extortion by various groups.  He was shot whilst driving home from work, presumably by masked gunmen.  There was no identification of the assassins.  Three months later, Sindh (PPP-Bhutto) police arrested 5 Muhajirs, and claimed they were guilty on the basis of extracted confessions.  It is also the case that 5 police personnel connected with the case (but certainly not eye-witnessesses to the killing) have themselves been slain.  This is also blamed on MQM, without a shred of evidence.

Beyond Wali Babar, there was no example provided of any journalist who had been touched by MQM.  What is this fear of MQM based on if you cannot provide a single example?

Imran Farooq's parents laying a wreath at MQM Martyrs' Memorial

Imran Farooq’s parents laying a wreath at MQM Martyrs’ Memorial

Aside from anti-MQM allegations being uncorroborated by any forensic or circumstantial evidence, this pattern is quite frankly ridiculous.  When Imran Farooq, a top level MQM official for decades, was assassinated in London, it was mystifyingly blamed on MQM.  Why stop there? Going back to 1992, when Azeem Ahmad Tariq (MQM Chairman) was hunted by Karachi/Sindh (PPP) Police and killed, this was also blamed on MQM!  The veracity of Owen Bennett Jones’ anti-MQM innuendo and slurs can be gauged by the fact that Imran Farooq’s parents themselves have laid a wreath for their son at the MQM Martyrs’ Memorial.  As if that wasn’t enough, Farooq’s widow and 2 sons attended protest regarding Bennett Jones’ biased report outside the BBC office.  How much more evidence does anyone need?

For the truly twisted MQM-haters, their suggestion will be that Farooq’s parents, wife and sons were only there due to MQM threats.  They also seem to believe that MQM’s millions of voters only do so out of fear for MQM.

It is almost as if there is an unspoken alliance between the MQM-haters and the killers.  They can go ahead and kill senior MQM members, or even some random 28-year old Pashtun journalist like Wali Babar, and it will be blamed on MQM.  Effectively, they are giving a carte blanche to the real killers.

Amnesty has made no comment on the disappearance of over 70 MQM supporters over the last couple of months.  Plainclothes (PPP-Sindhi) police turn up to Muhajir areas (with uniformed police a few hundred meters away), arrest MQM supporters, and their dead bodies turn up with horrific torture marks on roadsides a few days later.  Extra-judicial killings: Isn’t this Amnesty’s core area of interest?

According to the ILO (International Labour Organisation), more than 1.7 million Sindhis languish in private jails, operated by Sindhi-PPP feudal lords.  Slavery and Illegal Incarceration: Isn’t that Amnesty’s area of interest?

Get Your Act Together Amnesty

Amnesty survives because of its glittering heritage as an organisation protecting freedom of speech and basic human rights around the world.  However, in recent years, Amnesty has joined the anti-Imperialist & Islamist coalition.  It used to defend intellectuals imprisoned by tin-pot dictators for daring to call for freedom.  Now it focuses on protecting the most dangerous, vicious and relentless terrorists in the world, those locked up at Guantanamo Bay.  Amnesty partnered with Moazzam Begg (a former prisoner in Guantanamo) and his “Cage Prisoners” organisation.  Begg used to have a bookshop in Birmingham (UK) in which he disseminated Osama bin Laden speeches, Syed Qutb books, and various other jihadi propaganda materials.  When Gita Sehgal, Amnesty’s renowned Head of Gender Rights, complained that her beloved Amnesty International was partnering with Jihadists whose dreamworld involves women covered in Taliban-style Burkas, Gita was fired.

Amnesty - better to have more Gita Sehgals, less Mustafa Qadris

Amnesty – better to have more Gita Sehgals, less Mustafa Qadris

Earlier this year, Moazzam Begg was arrested by UK Security Forces for participation in Jihadi terror in Syria.  Amnesty is eroding decades of goodwill by diverting itself onto this ultra-leftist/Islamist path.

I don’t expect Amnesty to fix the rot anytime soon.  As British journalist Nick Cohen pointed out, even Sahil Shetty (Amnesty Secretary-General) doesn’t seem to able to view human rights as a universal concept.  (Note to Sahil: “universal” means “everywhere, all the time”).

Amnesty’s biased anti-MQM report is symptomatic of its general Islamist malaise.  When Amnesty has fixed its Islamist issues, I doubt it will spew anti-MQM bile after that.  Therefore, my advice to Amnesty International is to pay heed to Salman Rushdie’s statement:

“Amnesty International has done its reputation incalculable damage by allying itself with Moazzam Begg and his group Cageprisoners, and holding them up as human rights advocates. It looks very much as if Amnesty’s leadership is suffering from a kind of moral bankruptcy, and has lost the ability to distinguish right from wrong. It has greatly compounded its error by suspending the redoubtable Gita Sahgal for the crime of going public with her concerns. Gita Sahgal is a woman of immense integrity and distinction and I am personally grateful to her for the courageous stands she made at the time of the Khomeini fatwa against The Satanic Verses, as a leading member of the groups Southall Black Sisters and Women Against Fundamentalism. It is people like Gita Sahgal who are the true voices of the human rights movement; Amnesty and Begg have revealed, by their statements and actions, that they deserve our contempt.”


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