Open Letter to Sara Taseer after her Deep Insult to Altaf Hussain

I was shocked today to see a tweet by Sara Taseer, daughter of the slain Governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer.

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, she tweeted a picture of Altaf Hussain (Founder and Leader of MQM) holding a rose, with the caption “Goli Marun ya Marun Line? Will you be my Valentine?” – translation: “Should I fire a bullet on you or chat you up? Will you be my Valentine?”


This disgraceful comment is a continuance of perpetual and widespread Punjabi propaganda against MQM, which is based on racist Muhajir hatred.

On Valentine’s Day, a day of love, Sara Taseer didn’t remember her husband. Nor did she think of her children. She didn’t spare a thought for her slain father. Neither did she remember her brother, held hostage by the Taliban. Instead, all her sick mind could think of was to insult Altaf Hussain.

What makes the comment even more disgraceful is the history of Salman Taseer with Altaf Hussain.

Salman Taseer, born to an English Christian mother, took up the case of Aasia Bibi, a poor Christian woman accused of blasphemy.


Salman Taseer campaigned to amend Pakistan’s 1984 blasphemy laws under which people can be executed merely for uttering a few words.  Only Altaf Hussain supported him.  Even Taseer’s own party betrayed him and left him at the mercy of the Jihadi Mullahs who urged death upon him.  First Rehman Malik disowned Taseer by saying “If anyone commits blasphemy, I will kill him with my own hands”.  Then Babar Awan (Law Minister) said that he would not allow any change in the blasphemy law whilst he was Law Minister.


“Liberal” Punjabis like Meher Bokhari made deadly insinuations against Taseer, the Punjabi mullahs rose up against him, and soon Taseer was shot dead. Nobody from PPP attended Taseer’s funeral.

Yet after Taseer’s slaying, Shehrbano Taseer tweeted to describe MQM as “Musalsal Qaumi Museebat” (Nonstop National Nuisance).  Dear Shehrbano, MQM is a nonstop nuisance only for the people who considered your father a nuisance.  Altaf Hussain is in exile due to the same reason your father was in danger.  The only difference is that Altaf Hussain would not be betrayed by every single one of his own party like your father tragically was.


Taseer was a legendary businessman who created countless jobs. Yet he was slaughtered on the street.  First he was deliberately abandoned by all his Punjabi security team, and then the Jihadi Punjabi bodyguard emptied his entire magazine into Taseer. Sadly Taseer was pumped with 27 bullets all throughout his body. It wasn’t a Muhajjir, it was a Lahori who fired the Goli’s into Taseer.

Lahore erupted with celebration at Taseer’s murder.  Punjabis of all social classes justified his killing.  Most notably, there was overwhelming support amongst PTI supporters for Taseer’s execution.  Grateful Lahoris were throwing money over the walls of the house of Taseer’s assassin.


Aside from a few hangers-on who want to be invited to your Taseer family parties, no Punjabi tears were shed when Taseer’s son was kidnapped.  Till today, the same Taliban which all Punjab called their brothers and wanted to open offices for, are holding Taseer’s son in brutal captivity.  The poor man is being viciously tortured and I fervently hope he is found and released as soon as possible so he can begin the process of full rehabilitation.

Dear Taseers, don’t forget how even the most educated Lahoris went wild with joy in support of Taseer’s assassin.  Over 300 Lahore lawyers offered to represent Mumtaz Qadri pro bono (ie for free). Today, Qadri is being represented by the former Lahore High Court Chief Justice, who is openly an al-Qaeda supporter and supporter of the Charlie Hebdo assassins.

Even a recent vigil to commemorate Taseer was attacked. The only major politician to speak out against this atrocity was Altaf Hussain.

Yet today, the Taseers wish to express their Punjabi racist anti-Muhajir venom against Altaf Hussain.

Such Punjabi propaganda (bori walas, target killers, etc) is merely an enabler to create more public support in Punjab for continued Muhajir massacres.  Every day, secular liberal Muhajirs are being killed in the most brutal fashion like your secular liberal father.

I suggest you Taseers look around you and see where is the real Musalsal Qaumi Museebat.

Lahoris are massacring Ahmadis due to their peacefully practicing their faith.  Lahoris are celebrating the killer of Taseer.  Lahoris are throwing acid on women with impunity.  Lahoris are killing their own mothers, sisters and daughters in honour killings.  A widely celebrated son of Lahore assassinated your father and the Punjabi Establishment dare not execute the assassin even if they wanted to.  This is out of fear of the Lahori pro-Jihad masses who will rise up against them.  This Lahori menace has been going on since the terrible anti-Ahmadi massacres of 1953.

Dear Taseers – I would appreciate it if you apologise for your insult to Altaf Hussain which is also an insult to the memory of your father.

And please remember: You don’t need to look to Karachi or Altaf Hussain bhai for Musalsal Qaumi Museebat.  It is on your own doorstep.


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