Did Canada declare MQM a terrorist organisation? No, it did not

Yesterday (11-Jun-2015),  Mr Ali Zaidi (President of PTI Karachi) tweeted a question:

“Canada refuses asylum to MQM workers saying its a terror outfit.  But UK gives asylum to MQM workers saying their lives are in danger?!?!  Make me understand this !!”


Mr Zaidi is an unelected politician.  He will never be elected in Karachi.  However, he is a figurehead in Karachi of PTI (a major party which derives most of its support from KPK and Punjab).  Therefore, I decided it would be worthwhile to help Mr Zaidi understand.

The problem is, Mr Zaidi’s statement is false.  Canada does not refuse asylum to MQM workers, it grants them asylum.  It does not declare MQM a terrorist organisation, Canada has specifically stated that MQM is not a terrorist organisation.  The only true part of Mr Zaidi’s statement is that “UK gives asylum to MQM workers saying their lives are in danger”.

However, it is true that a couple of small Canadian asylum tribunals did reject asylum requests from MQM workers, stating that MQM is a terrorist organisation.  It is also true that these judgments were upheld by lower courts of Canada.  Therefore, there is a reason for Mr Zaidi’s confusion.

It’s a pity that Mr Zaidi did not complete his research before flinging such allegations, because he would have discovered that the Federal Government of Canada has overruled the findings of the asylum tribunal, and the lower courts, and declared that

(A) MQM is not a terrorist organisation, and

(B) granted asylum to MQM workers.

Before responding, I requested Mr Zaidi to provide me with his sources for his allegations.  To his credit, Mr Zaidi (himself a Muhajir) was courteous and civilised enough to respond with 2 sources for his allegations.  I was expecting Mr Zaidi to provide the links of the asylum tribunals declaring MQM a terrorist organisation, or the lower courts upholding their rulings.  Then, all I had to do was show Mr Zaidi the judgment of the Federal Government of Canada which rejected those findings.

Instead, Mr Zaidi tweeted that his source was itself the statement of the Federal Government of Canada stating that MQM is not a terror organisation!  Just to be clear, Mr Zaidi, the President of Karachi PTI, is tweeting that Canada has declared MQM a terrorist organisation.  His evidence of this is a statement from the Federal Government of Canada saying that MQM is most certainly not a terrorist organisation!

Others also noted that Mr Zaidi had just demolished his own case.

Canadian asylum cases are heard at tribunals attended by a handful of officials.  There are no juries present.  It is not a court of law, and anyone who disagrees with the ruling of the tribunal may appeal to a lower court.  If the lower court upholds the ruling of the asylum tribunal, the asylum seeker may then appeal to “The [Canada] Minister of Citizenship and Immigration”, via “Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs Canada”.  The case is heard in a Federal Court.  At this stage, any statement by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration is representative of the view of the Government of Canada.

In several cases, Canadian asylum tribunals have heard asylum applications from MQM members, and rejected the application because they decided MQM is a terrorist organisation.  In all cases that I can find, their primary source of information for this finding was a 1993 report by Amnesty International, in which Amnesty parroted nonsensical “Jinnahpur-style” allegations about MQM.

Here are 6 relevant cases of asylum tribunals finding MQM a terrorist organisation, most of which relied solely on a 1993 Amnesty International report

1. Baqri v. Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) (T.D.), 2001 FCT 1096, [2002] 2 F.C. 85 Date: October 9, 2001

2. Jalil v. Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) (F.C.), 2006 FC 246, [2006] 4 F.C.R. 471 Date: February 24, 2006

3. Ali v. Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) (F.C.), 2004 FC 1174, [2005] 1 F.C.R. 485 Date: August 26, 2004

4. Naeem v. Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) (F.C.), 2007 FC 123, [2007] 4 F.C.R. 658 Date: February 7, 2007

5. Mohammed v. Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) (F.C.), 2006 FC 1310, [2007] 4 F.C.R. 300 Date: October 30, 2006


Just to clarify, Amnesty International wrote a report in 1993, during the Operation Cleanup massacre, stating that the “Government of Pakistan” told Amnesty that MQM was responsible for “most human rights abuses” in Karachi.  The Canadian Asylum tribunal officer decided, on the basis of what Pakistan govt told Amnesty, that MQM is therefore a terrorist organisation so the MQM worker must be deported!


In all such cases, the MQM asylum seekers then appealed to a lower court.  The court did not hear a jury trial.  It is merely a procedural court, and does not comment on the decision making process of the tribunal.  Rather, it decides whether the correct procedure was followed.  Therefore, in all cases I have found, the lower court upheld the tribunal’s rejection of the asylum application, and stated that the deportation must proceed.

In all cases, the MQM asylum seekers then appealed to the Federal Government court.  In all such cases, the Federal Government has rejected the finding of the tribunal, and stated that MQM is not a terrorist organisation. In each case, the Federal Government trashed the Amnesty Report as a source of information.

Arsalan Ghumman and Maleeha Lodhi tweeted that a Canadian court had ordered the deportation of Kashif Omer, an MQM worker.  Whilst this is true, it was in 2007.  They didn’t tweet that the Federal Government of Canada later rejected this ruling, and Mr Kashif Omer is still in Canada.

Here is Mr Kashif Omer in 2012, handing out prizes at a sports event held officially by MQM Canada, with MQM Canada posters, and published on the internet.

Dear MQM Haters, I am glad to inform you that MQM is fully functioning in Canada, and will provide vital support in MQM’s objective to create separate Sindh-2 Province.  Just 2 weeks ago, MQM Canada (Mississauga Chapter) held a meeting entitled: “Why New Provinces & Administrative Units Are Mandatory In Pakistan”.  Jeay Muttahida!

Please browse through the MQM Canada website here: http://www.mqmcanada.com/

So Maleeha Lodhi and Mr Ghumman, in 2013, tweeted a 2007 deportation judgment about Mr Omer which had already been overturned, and Mr Omer was publicly conducting MQM Canada activities ever since!

Going back to Mr Zaidi, he was kind enough himself to tweet a statement from the Federal Government of Canada explaining why they rejected the asylum tribunal finding.  Below is the official statement from the Canadian Government:


“Officer committing reviewable error in finding MQM-A terrorist organization”

“Must be evidentiary foundation to support finding organization engaged in acts of terrorism”

Application allowed.

“Judicial review of immigration officer’s decision applicant inadmissible to Canada on grounds member of organization (Mohajir Quami Movement-Altaf (MQM-A)) reasonable grounds to believe engages, has engaged or will engage in acts of terrorism pursuant to Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, s. 34(1)(f)” 

Quality of evidence criticized.

“The issues were whether the officer erred in finding that the MQM-A has engaged in acts of terrorism pursuant to the IRPA, paragraph 34(1)(c) and whether she erred in relying on evidence that is unreliable, not credible and trustworthy.”

Held, the application should be allowed.  The officer committed a reviewable error in arriving at the determination that the MQM-A is an organization that has participated in terrorist activities.


It is quite amusing to see that PTI’s Karachi President is incapable of reading a simple document before making dangerous allegations, but there is a serious side to this.  The Taliban has entrenched itself in various Pakhtun areas of Karachi.  Many of these areas vote for PTI at election time.

True leaders of Karachi PTI

True leaders of Karachi PTI

The Taliban officially requested Imran Khan (PTI) to be their representative in government talks.  Although Imran declined this request, he has many times stated that he wanted to open Taliban offices in Karachi and across Pakistan.  The Taliban provided protection to PTI during the 2013 elections, and was bombing MQM and preventing it from holding mega rallies.

Therefore, Mr Zaidi is to all extents and purposes a puppet agent of the Taliban, one of the most ruthless terrorist organisations in the history of mankind.

Imran Khan’s official policy, stated many times over several years, was that he wanted to “mainstream” the Taliban.  When Altaf Hussain warned that Taliban was entering Karachi, Imran Khan stated: “there is no Talibanisation in Karachi”.  During all this time, Mr Ali Zaidi has remained a supporter of Imran Khan.

This is a foolish, irresponsible and slightly sinister standpoint from Mr Zaidi.  He himself used to live as a fashion designer in California in the 1990s, where he enjoyed the benefits of a liberal secular society in which he was free to do business and enjoy the full range of its vibrant nightlife. Instead of wishing the same freedoms for Karachi, he would prefer to support Taliban Khan.

Ali Zaidi was a fashion designer in California in the 1990s

Ali Zaidi was a fashion designer in California in the 1990s

Even after Imran Khan made the catastrophic error of denying that Taliban was entering Karachi, Mr Zaidi still feels that Imran Khan is the right man to shape the destiny of Karachi.  Instead, he calls MQM terrorists.  Shame on you Mr Zaidi!

Imran Khan called MQM voters “Zinda Lashein” (walking zombies).  The best response to this nonsense was MQM’s landslide victory in the NA-246 election.  In fact, it is the few Muhajirs followers of 2-faced hypocrites such as Mr Zaidi and Imran Ismail who are the true walking zombies.

In case anyone says “2-faced” is a harsh term for Mr Imran Ismail, consider this: Mr Ismail’s wealth is based on his contract selling fruit juice to NATO forces in Afghanistan.  The whole time his pro-Taliban boss Imran Khan was trying to blockade NATO trucks entering Afghanistan, Mr Ismail was selling fruit juice to NATO forces.  Imran Khan was condemning NATO, saying that if only NATO leaves Afghanistan, there will be peace with the Taliban.  Meanwhile, Mr Ismail was making money by selling to NATO.  Later, Mr Ismail was spending his “NATO” money in NA-246 campaign expenses, to win it for Imran Khan.  How much more 2-faced can an individual be than that?

The irony in all this is that Mr Zaidi is a Shia, and the Taliban are sworn enemies of the Shia.  If the conduct of ISIS is a reliable gauge, the Taliban seek to line up Shia such as Mr Zaidi on Clifton Beach and execute them in their thousands.  There would be close to zero opposition from the Pakhtun residents of Karachi if Taliban tried to do this.  I therefore suggest to Mr Zaidi that he should apply more rational understanding to how to define a terror organisation.  MQM are the defenders of Karachi, and we will never allow the “mainstreamed” partners of PTI to determine our fate.

The same goes for Mr Sanjay Gangwani, a Hindu PTI supporter who was tweeting Mr Zaidi’s nonsense yesterday.  Mr Gangwani should note Imran Khan’s friendly speeches at

(A) Lal Masjid – Red Mosque in March 2011, just after Salman Taseer was assassinated

(B) Jamia Haqqania (Jihadi madrasah which produced 90% of Taliban leaders including Mullah Omar)

(C) Jamia Binoria

In all 3 places, Imran Khan calls Pakistani politicians “Munafiq” (Fake Muslims), which is normally interpreted by Jihadists as a license to kill (wajib-ul-katal).  In Jamia Haqqani, Imran tells the Jihadis that the “Munafiq” politicians of Pakistan are doing “basti pooja” (Hindu idol worship).

Dear Mr Zaidi, by this definition, aren’t you a “Munafiq” according to Imran Khan, your leader?

Dear Mr Gangwani, all 3 of these groups are Jihadi terrorists with the same ideology as ISIS/TTP.  They hate everyone who does “basti pooja”, which is precisely why Imran Khan used such language.  If any of these terrorists took control of any territory and your Hindu family was captured, they would behead any of your male relatives who refused to convert to their faith system, and they would turn all the females (even 6 year olds) into sex slaves.  This is what they are doing in Iraq, and it is exactly what these Jihadi friends of Imran Khan wish to do in Pakistan.

But the truth is that Mr Zaidi and Mr Gangwani easily capable of fleeing Pakistan and would escape before they were captured and executed by the Taliban.

Muhajirs of Karachi are not fools.  Mr Zaidi and Mr Gangwani are the fools.  We know who the terrorists are, they are the Jihadi monsters that Imran Khan has been defending and protecting for years now.  MQM is the rightful defender of Muhajirs, and any civilised entity can recognise that.  The Federal Government of Canada recognises that MQM is not a terrorist organisation, but the Taliban most certainly are.

Canada recognises that Jihadi terrorism must be destroyed.  Canada’s PM Stephen Harper recently stated: “The International Jihadist Movement has declared war on anybody that values freedom, openness and tolerance”.

MQM is a socially liberal party, on a completely different level to any other political party in Pakistan

MQM is a socially liberal party, on a completely different level to any other political party in Pakistan

PTI, which has promised never to repeal bigoted anti-Ahmadi laws, is a cousin/brother of these international Jihadis.  MQM, which has promised to strike these laws, and also show tolerance and understanding for gay rights, is a natural ally of the civilised world in the fight against terror.

Dear Mr Zaidi, I hope this helps you to understand.  I suggest you remedy yourself, and start wishing to extend the same freedoms you enjoyed in California to your fellow Muhajirs.  Otherwise, you will be remembered in history as a double traitor.  First, to the Muhajirs by trying to help “Taliban Khans” seize Karachi.  And second, to the Shia people, who are victims of Shia genocide at the hands of barbarian friends of Imran Khan.



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