Reham’s Fake Degree: Lie after Lie after Lie

Reham Khan is the wife of Imran Khan, leader of PTI.  Over the last few months, Reham has been increasing her political profile and involvement.  The PTI’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Provincial Government has appointed Reham as KPK Ambassador for Street Children.  She is visiting hospitals (without her husband) and giving media statements.  She is making inspections of PTI funded schools with media present.  On twitter, she is describing herself as the prospective First Lady of Pakistan, and a Mother of the Nation.  For these reasons, she is clearly a poitical figure, and therefore the public has a right to know if she is truthful or a liar.


Reham Khan’s own personal website ( listed that she had “started a Post-Graduate [degree] in Broadcast Journalism at North Lindsay College”.


The first point is that she has misspelled the name of her own supposed university.  It is actually North Lindsey College, not “Lindsay”.  This spelling mistake is repeated on her twitter account, and wikipedia page.  How can somebody misspell the name of their own University?

It is a more substantial point, that North Lindsey College does not, and never has, offered a postgraduate degree.  This is because North Lindsey College is not a University:  it is a “Higher Education College”, for students aged 16+.  So therefore, it goes without saying that North Lindsey has never offered a “PostGrad in Broadcast Journalism”.

The Daily Mail published an article: “Mystery over credentials of Imran Khan’s BBC presenter wife who claimed she studied journalism… at a college that doesn’t offer the course “.  Soon, it was all over social media that Reham Khan was a Fake Degree Holder.  This issue has additional importance in Pakistan, because Parliamentarians have to have a university degree.  Several Parliamentarians have been discovered to have faked their degrees, and they were consequently disqualified from Parliament.  Although Reham is not currently an elected Parliamentarian, if she has faked her degree, it would disqualify her in advance from ever pursuing this option.


In response to this huge scandal, Reham released a media statement, and amended her website profile.  This is even more curious, and creates even more questions.

Firstly, Reham Khan has changed her website bio, which now states: “She started a postgraduate in Broadcast Media at the Grimsby Institute, North East Lincolnshire in 2005”.

Grimsby is 40km away from North Lindsey College.  What sort of person could forget which academic institute they had studied at?  How could they forget the name, or somehow confuse it with another academic institute 40 km away?  Even if she started it, and only attended for 1 single class, she would still have had to apply there, fill in the forms, go for an interview, then pay the fees.  Reham Khan is either a very forgetful person to get such a statement wrong, or she is a liar.

Even more bizarrely, North Lindsey College is not a university, but Grimsby Media Centre is a part of Grimsby University.  It’s as if someone first claimed that they went to “Advanced Training Institute” in Gujranwala.  Then, when it was proved that they had never studied there, they changed to “Actually, I studied at University of Punjab, Lahore”.  How could someone downgrade themselves by mistake to a far worse academic insitution, and then realise they actually spent a year at a far better institute?  It makes no sense.

Later, Reham Khan posted a official statement to her twitter account.  This is also riddled with lies and curiosities.


The first sentence is: “Reham Khan has categorically denied the baseless allegations on her academic qualifications by a UK newspaper terming it a story not based on facts and lacking reporting legwork”.  How can there be a bigger lie that this?  Reham wrote herself on twitter that she studied at “North Lindsay College”, but then she changed her statement.  So the Daily Main’s article was not “baseless” because it was true that she had never studied there.  It was not “lacking facts”, because the fact is that she never studied there.  It wasn’t “lacking reporting legwork”, because North Lindsey College has never offered the degree she claimed to have taken.  In fact, North Lindsey College has never offered Post Graduate degrees.  So the legwork was excellent.

In her official statement, Reham Khan states that she can “categorically state that after completing my BA I undertook a one year postgraduate course for a Diploma in Broadcast Media at Grimsby Institute Media Centre (Code: 0506BC34) which ended on 23rd June 2006”.

In the same statement, Reham Khan stated that she received her “Bachelor’s Degree from the prestigious Jinnah College for Women, University of Peshawar”.  But this makes no sense: It is well known, and has been stated by Reham many times, that she married her first cousin aged 19, and moved to the UK.  If Reham married her cousin aged 19 and left Pakistan to go and live in the UK, how did she get her BA from Peshawar University?  Did she start the degree at 15?  It could be that she was a child genius, and granted admission to university at such a young age, then moved to the UK.  Or this could simply be another lie.

The issue of whether a wannabe “First Lady of Pakistan” and mother of the nation can be trusted or not is an important question.


Reham Khan must address these questions, they will never go away.  As a first step, KPK Government must suspend Reham from her position as “Ambassador for Street Children” – it would be better to find someone for this position who is both truthful, and has any sort of track record of caring for street children.

We all want to create a “Naya Pakistan”, which will be free from criminals and built on the principles of Justice and Truth.  There is no place for liars in this Naya Pakistan which we all dream of.

Therefore, Reham Khan must provide proof of her completed Postgrad degree from Grimsby Media Centre, as well as her BA from Peshawar University.



One response to “Reham’s Fake Degree: Lie after Lie after Lie

  1. Its very odd, I came to similar conclusions myself on my blog… I don’t see how you mix up a place where you studied that is miles away.No explanation of how mix-up occurred… Are the 2 institutions in any way related? Doesn’t seem so… No evidence of her enrolling at New Lindsey who deny any knowledge and don’t do the course… They are certainly some miles apart. Could she have done her degree by correspondence course or did the family relocate for a time? I think she posted something from Peshawar Uni…. Also why get so angry, I would have no issue with being asked to prove my qualifications. I also noted that she is in a position of responsibility and most journalists I know had to have degree in journalism or relevant course to get a job… She also appears to have been given Ambassador role without post (whether paid or unpaid) being open to other candidates… It remains a mystery…

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