Why do #OnlyMuhajirsGetArrested ?

MQM is a secular, liberal, law abiding party.  We do not tolerate criminality in any form in the party, and we support the prosecution of all criminals.

What we cannot tolerate is the discriminate and systematic persecution of Muhajirs only, under the guise of an anti-crime operation in Karachi by the Punjabi security forces.

Clearly, it is only Muhajirs being arrested.  We would like to see Sindhi and Punjabi criminals and corrupt politicians arrested as well.

Today, Dr Asim Hussain was arrested on corruption charges.  Dr Asim, a Muhajir, was a petroleum minister in the previous PPP government.  Like virtually all other PPP politicians, he is widely understood to have engaged in corrupt practices whilst in office.  However, on the list of corruption, Dr Asim is far down on the list of corrupt PPP politicians.

Head of the list is Asif Ali Zardari (Sindhi), notoriously known as “Mr Ten Percent” whilst in office for his pilfering of every government contract he could lay his hands on.  For example, there is clear, proven evidence that he used his government powers to purchase 307 acres of prime land in Islamabad for less than 1% of its open market value, yet no action is taken.

Another example is Zulfiqar Mirza (Sindhi) and his wife Fehmida Mirza (Sindhi), who have gone from nothing to owning several sugar mills in Sindh.  The Mirzas secured bank loans to “purchase” their sugar mills, and then used their government powers to have their bank loans written off.

Zulfiqar Mirza and Asif Zardari had a huge falling out recently.  The vengeful Zulfiqar Mirza went on national TV and listed a wide selection of Zardari’s corruptly acquired assets.  Yet no action is taken.

Then you have Bilawal Bhutto, who has set up a front company called “PakOasis”, which is awarded all water contracts in Sindh province.  He is robbing the drought-stricken Sindhi villagers who are amongst the poorest and most illiterate people on earth.

Arguably the worst criminals in Karachi are the Police themselves.  Sindhi Police are openly running extortion rings, receiving protection money from bootleggers, and receiving protection money from gambling dens.  Rival owners of gambling dens have even bombed their competitors premises, yet the illegal gambling dens remain open.

These are epic tales of corruption which could be proven in any civilised court of law.  Yet these and many other corrupt Sindhis are left untouched by the “anti-crime” operation.  Out of all the corrupt PPP officials, why has only Dr Asim been arrested?

And that’s before we even begin to talk about Punjabi corruption!  Punjabi politicians’ corruption is so endemic that Pakistan is consistently ranked amongst the most corrupt countries on earth.

Why is it that only Muhajirs get arrested?


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